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HISTORY: After more than 3 decades in the book industry BLI has the oldest collections of data in different local languages and historical events in the Philippines. A few of BLI's most authoritative publications are as follows: (1) The New "General Education Advancement Program" -GEAP, (2) The New Philippines Comprehensive Dictionary with 12 Major Languages-PCDT, (3) The New Comprehensive English Filipino Dictionary-EFD, (4) The Mother Tongue K12 Dictionary available in 12 different Philippine Languages, (5) The New Philippine Almanac, (6) The Early Childhood Care Education-ECCE- Program, a Values Formation & Reading Readiness for Daycare, (7) The Disasters Preparedness Program-DPP for K-Grade 8. Finally after more than 1 decade of research & development BRAINWORLD has released the Online Digital Learning System (ODLS), a learning innovation unique not only in the Philippines but in the world as well and BLI has evolved as the only digitalized educational publishing company in the Philippines.

OBJECTIVES: Education in this day and age needs a new breed of timely educational materials that inspire advance learning. As science and technology evolve, BLI sees the necessity to cope with the demands of the time, to evaluate today's educational materials to determine whether they are truly effective teaching tools, and whether they make learning easy and enjoyable to learners to make them excel in their future endeavors and prepare them to be globally competitive.

AUTHORITATIVE: BRAINWORLD has organized local and foreign individuals and groups with different fields of expertise to deliver accurate information about a learner’s performance to help and guide teachers and educators correctly assess a learner's level of performance. It's partners are students, IT experts, educators, professionals, entrepreneurs and philanthropists in its quest to deliver personalized, adaptive solutions that would lead to productive results. After 13 long years of field tests and studies, research and interviews, It's projects are proven to be effective in today's fast-growing technology in digitalized learning.

GLOBAL BENEFITS: BRAINWORLD's learning innovation creates many new career opportunities for learners everyday - and many more in the future; it is adapted for use and integrated in the Public School Libraries Modernization (PSLM), Mother Tongue Digitalization (MTD), Paperless K-12 Program,also innovative and ambitious ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM (ALS) program, to be interactive through BRAINWORLD's ODLS. Learners in far-flung areas will also be reached by It's program through its unique, innovative ODLS. Sharing and collaboration by public and private entities, both in the local and national level, potentially allows all participants to expand their horizons due to company's thrust of its unique and innovative learning program not only in the Philippines but also in foreign shores. It's program provides the best and unique solution for the crying need of the entire learning system.

QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Success of the company is manifested in its quality products and services - its corporate identity, its valued trademark. It values its commitment to provide everyone with the best possible service. Customer satisfaction is the very essence and the heart of its commitment to render quality service. Today, BRAINWORLD is proud to carry on its long tradition of meeting its customers' needs, in both digital and print formats. It's products and services can be found in media, from print to mobile content, and can be accessed online via its website. Anyone interested to join its business, in its local or global operations, either in product development or distribution, or to invest as short or long term investors, or to be part of BRAINWORLD's SUCCESS, please feel free to send a letter us your of intent via email.

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What is Online Digital learning System-ODLS
ODLS is "learning facilitated by technology that gives learners some element of control over time, place, path and/or pace. "A unique technology in the world developed and owned by BRAINWORLD Publishing.

ODLS Technology is more than just providing learners with a laptop or any gadget ODLS a combination of technology. digital content and instruction
Technology: ODLS technology is the mechanism that delivers content It facilitates how learners receive and transmit content. It includes Internet access and hardware, which can be any Internet access device - from a desktop to a laptop to an iPad to a smartphone. Technology is the tool, not the instruction.
Digital Content: ODLS content is the high quality academic material which is delivered through technology, like The General Education Advancement Program (GEAP) in Math, English, Science and Social Studies, as well as subjects in K-12 including ALS Modules (Alternative Learning System). It is what students learn. It ranges from new engaging, interactive and adaptive software to classic literature to video lectures to games. It isn't simply a PDF of text or a PowerPoint presentation because ODLS is interactive.
Instruction: Educators are essential to Online Digital Learning System. Technology may change tie role of the teacher but it will never eliminate the need for a teacher, With ODLS Technology, teachers will be able to provide the personalized guidance and assistance to ensure students learn
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